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We make it easy for you to see everything that's in our foods and how they're made. This is Upfront Nutrition, and it starts at the Source. Our recipes contain the optimum balance of real, whole foods and provide a truly holistic diet centered around high-quality, natural ingredients. Our founder, George Ainsworth Lang, was committed to providing pets with the safest, highest quality foods, which is why every bag of Source is crafted with care right here in the U.S.A.

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    gets real.
  • Upfront Nutrition

    We make it easy for you to see the real nutrition found in our food by listing our ingredients right on the front of the packaging.

  • Whole-Food Ingredients

    We source our ingredients from real, whole foods and avoid over-processing to deliver optimum nutritional benefit.

  • Crafted With Care

    We’re our own source of manufacturing, carefully crafting each batch of food in our own U.S. plants to ensure real quality.

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Natural Ingredients

It's not safe until we say it's safe.

At Ainsworth Pet Nutrition®, our commitment to safety surpasses anything in the marketplace today. We go well beyond historic "feed plant" standards and continuously strive to make sure that we are leading the industry in providing the level of food quality that our beloved pets deserve.

Because of this commitment, we are the first pet food manufacturing company in the U.S. to receive a Facilities Food Safety audit rating of "Excellent" from the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level II International auditing standard in accordance with the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Also, we understand how important it is to not only earn but also keep the trust of the pet parents who expect nothing but the best from their pet food provider. Every day, we work hard to ensure pet parents continue to trust the foods we provide. It's how we’ve done business for the past 75 years and how we intend to do business for the next 75 years and beyond. We control everything from the sourcing of our high-quality ingredients to cooking methods, as well as our packaging and safety check processes. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we know it won't meet yours.

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Ainsworth Pet Nutrition
Triple Check System

Because we are so committed to pet food safety, we have instituted The Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Triple Check System. This system allows us to guarantee the safety of our products from the moment we purchase ingredients to the time we ship our products out the door. The Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Triple Check System is just one of the many fundamental things we do every day to ensure we meet our customers' expectations of quality and safety.

Fruits and Vegetables

Specialty Brands

Our goal at Ainsworth Specialty Brands is to be synonymous with the most nutritionally advanced pet foods and treats. This means developing products that use the very best ingredients available. This also means ensuring the best possible cooking methods, and a commitment to food safety that surpasses anything in the marketplace today.

The Ainsworth Specialty Brands division is a dedicated team that is focused on contributing to the Ainsworth Pet Nutrition family vision by building and growing differentiated brands that are exclusive to pet specialty and farm and feed stores.

Sean Lang, CEO of Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Sean Lang, CEO, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

Unlike many pet food companies, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition® has a solid foundation on which to build — a foundation that starts with family. In fact, we're America's oldest privately owned pet food company.

For more than 75 years, our family has worked hard to earn the trust of the people and the pets we serve. Our focus has always been entirely on pets, which is why we promise to use only the safest, highest quality ingredients, and to maintain a commitment to safety that is unsurpassed in the industry. It's also the reason that our products are made right in our family's own U.S. facilities.

What's more, we've always encouraged open communication. We'll answer all questions with honesty – because, at Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, our one and only goal is to provide the highest level of satisfaction.